Discover the missing piece that will make your message resonate, attract, and trigger their desire to say YES!

I want you to communicate in a way that builds your brand so you can get more customers.

checkbox  Learn what makes YOU stand out from the crowd - no matter how much competition you have.

checkbox  Instantly and clearly make them see your true value - so you don't feel like you’re trying to convince them.

checkbox  Become the clear and obvious choice - in a way that is 100% authentic.

Join me and other business owners for this 2-hour interactive workshop

I make sure everyone leaves with an actionable result you can use in your business right away.

Part 1 - Learning:

Learn how we are designed to receive and respond to messages (see below for more)

Part 2 - Action:

We put the learning into action and I will guide you through a discovery process to reveal your powerful brand message.

Do you want a message that's more effective?

Imagine knowing EXACTLY what to say to your audience that would instantly communicate how you're different, what your unique value is, and inspires them to say YES.

What would you need to say to them to make this happen?

In this workshop, I break it down for you. I’ll show you what you need to be saying to your audience that will position your business the right way.


There's a very specific way our neurology is set up to make this happen. When you know how it works your communication becomes more effective and you can make the sale easier.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to generate resonance and attraction in your customer
  • How to craft a message that is pitch-perfect for your ideal customer
  • How our brain is actually wired to make the decision to buy, and how your powerful message can make the decision go your way
  • The difference between the wrong message and the right message... for your specific business

Lot’s of other business owners have experienced this workshop.
Here’s what they have to say...


Christina Reese, Christina Reese Coaching

“Within ten minutes of talking to Michael, I had more clarity on my business! I attended his monthly workshop and walked away ELATED. I feel like I understand so much more about myself, my business, and who it is I want to serve.”


Janet Shieferdecker, Choice Point Leadership

“Wow! I wish I had attended Michael's workshop 20 years ago. At least I was able to attend before a rebrand I am doing, phew!

This was the most insightful 90 minutes I have spent. I feel much more clear and aligned and enthusiastic about how to present my services than ever before. Thank you Michael.”


Brady Thomas, Brady Thomas Photography

“Michael has an amazing talent for teaching business owners how to frame, or re-frame, their business brand very quickly. With just a few interactive questions, I was guided to think about the language in which I communicate to my preferred clients, and discovering the words and language to which those clients will best respond.”

Learn how to find your powerful message for only $175

Space is limited to 10 people per workshop, so get your seat before they are gone.


Michael Liebowitz
CEO, Magnetic Mind Studio

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